Aspirations are the dreams and goals of students and staff. Without aspirations, there is no focus on achievement and progress. We believe that at Hathaway Academy we need to create, share and grow the aspirations of students and staff if we are to reach the potential in us. This is not going to happen on its own and the Student Aspirations Team was created to play a part in this journey.  Being a member of the Student Aspirations Team is not just something you can decide to do, it must be a way of life that can help you reach that set goal.

Our Aims – we want to make sure that students INSPIRE, ASPIRE and ACHIEVE!

  • Inspire others to realise their goals

The Student Aspiration Team have reflected on and explored what their aspirations are and that realisation has created deeper confidence and belief in ourselves. This needs to be replicated in all students and become a shared vision. If there is no belief or expectation that goals can be reached, we will not go anywhere.

  • To raise aspirations

This means instilling a confidence that achievement and success are a right we all should claim, and that with hard work, determination and self- belief it can be a reality for all.

  • Promote achievement

Achievement must be as the heart of what we believe. It is how we are measured and how we make our futures a reality. If students do not believe that they can achieve and they do not have the chance to make their dreams a reality, they will not achieve. Therefore, achievement must be our goal.


Student Aspiration Team Journey

Creation – The Aspirations Team applied to join the team and were interviewed. This gave us a key group of students who were committed to the aspirations vision. However, we all knew that aspirations needed to be about the collective school body it cannot just be about a small group. Therefore it was important for us to have a broad picture of all students’ views.

Research – The My Voice Survey was completed by all students in years 7-10 and looked at student views about all aspects of their experiences at The Hathaway Academy.

Focus – From this data, we questioned 10% of the student in the academy and identified 3 focus areas. These were:

  • Respect – between staff and students.
  • Resilience – students being willing to take risks and have a “can do” attitude
  • Consistency in lessons – all lessons to be fun and engaging


Please click the link below to view our work so far

Student Aspirations Team – Work so far