The Hathaway Academy is proud to serve a diverse community and it does so with a clear belief in the principles of democracy, respect, tolerance and understanding. We encourage admissions from all those entitled to education under British law regardless of faith, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, political or financial status. In order to best prepare our students for life in modern Britain, we believe that it is important that challenging issues are sensitively covered in our curriculum, and that students are equipped with the skills and knowledge to debate and discuss their views about the world that changes around them. In order to become well rounded individuals, students need an understanding of what has happened in the past, how that has affected the present and how the future may change. We endeavour to help students have an understanding not only of British culture, but of cultures around the world. We live in a global age, and to be successful our learners need to have a clear understanding of what respect, tolerance and diversity means. We actively promote British Values and recognise their place in our own expectations and vision.  Through Engagement, Purpose and Self-Worth, we can see these core beliefs supporting our journey to our aspirations.