Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

Our SENCO is Ms Lorraine. If you would like to talk to our SENCO, we can arrange a meeting for you to have your questions answered. Please call the Academy on 01375 371361 or email felicity.lorraine@attrust.org.uk to arrange this.


Our Vision

The governors and staff of The Hathaway Academy are committed to the inclusion of all students with special educational needs and disabilities in the full life of the Academy with equal access to a broad and balanced curriculum.


SEND Policy Hathaway


We will endeavour to provide the support and encouragement our students need to participate and make progress within the curriculum.

Our Values

  • We welcome difference and diversity: learning from and about diversity strengthens our community.
  • We help all of our students to realise their potential and to recognise the basic equality of all people so that they can become responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society and become life-long learners.
  • We value, respect and celebrate the achievements of all students and young people.
  • We are committed to working in partnership with parents and carers to ensure they are well informed and centrally involved in the life of the Academy.
  • We will always involve parents and carers and their children in planning and reviewing progress; we know that parents are the first educators of their child; we need their knowledge to plan effectively.
  • We know that the earlier we identify additional educational needs and provide support, the more successful our students will be.
  • We will provide expert support and resources for students with SEND to fulfil their potential.
  • Our starting point is a whole-academy approach to making provision for students with SEND; we make sure that all staff have the knowledge and skills to support all students with SEND in our school.

The Hathaway Academy Local Offer

The Hathaway Academy Local Offer sets out what we provide for students with additional educational needs and/or SEND throughout their time with us. It explains how we support them on to the next stage of their lives and informs parents and carers about:

  • how we welcome students with additional educational needs and/or disabilities into our school;
  • how we remove barriers to achievement and support them in all aspects of school life;
  • how we work in partnership with parents, carers and students.

The Academy’s SEND policy gives more detail about our day to day procedures.

The Thurrock Local Offer

Thurrock County Council also publishes the Thurrock Local Offer setting out a wide range of information about the specialist services, schools, colleges and organisations that can provide support and information for families of children and students with SEND. It explains the procedures for requesting an assessment for an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP), which replaces the SEN Statement. You will also find information about:

  • where to go for advice and guidance on SEND matters;
  • leisure activities for children with SEND;
  • arrangements for resolving disagreements and mediation; this link provides support should you need it:

What parents/carers of children with send tell us

Feedback from parents/carers about our Inclusion provision has been overwhelmingly positive. Parents/carers say that they feel listened to and involved in their child’s education.

What our students tell us

Governors talk to our students with SEND regularly. Students appreciate all the support they get both in class and in the intervention groups we run.

How we review the local offer

We review it by asking parents/carers and students what is working well and what they want to improve. The next review date will be July 2015.

How we learn with and from other schools

The Hathaway Academy is a learning community, and we believe that it is important to work with other schools to make sure that our knowledge, expertise and skills on SEND matters are up-to-date. We also share our best practice with other schools.

We undertake visits to other schools to look at aspects of their practice, such as Nurture Group provision and making the best use of Teaching Assistants.

Our SENCO attends national and local SEND events which keeps The Hathaway Academy up-to-date with national developments and local projects on inclusion.

How to find more information on the local offer and SEND

You will find our SEND policy on our website, or you can collect a copy of the policy from the Academy’s reception.