Year 7 PE students learning handball shooting techniques.
Year 8 Art students exploring the work of Jose Posada by creating an artists study and adding tone and detail to their own versions, based on his work.
Year 8’s are composing a news article based on Sherlock Holmes, solving the case of the Speckled Band.
Salvation Army Fundraiser Huge congratulations goes out to Year 8 student Jack Dulieu, who single handedly raised over £400 that he donated in food, toys and cash for the charity! Well done Jack!
Salvation Army Holiday Fundraiser This holiday season our Hathaway family thought it was more important than ever to give back to our community. This month, students and staff have been busy collecting food, toys and money to donate to the Salvation Army to support families in need. Once again our students were beyond generous. We delivered three cars full of goods to the Salvation Army last week. They were moved with all of our efforts and stated that we definitely had a bigger contribution than last year! They told us that they still had 100 families in the community that they needed to provide gifts for and our collection will definitely help to reduce that number. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our students and staff for their generosity, and a special thank you goes out to all families who helped to contribute to this cause! A big congratulations goes to Miss Pratchett's Year 8 and Miss Hull's Year 11 tutor groups who were the most charitable across the academy. The cash donations are still being totaled and we look forward to sending off a big donation to the Salvation Army prior to Christmas!
Year 11 students are learning about exothermic and endothermic reactions. They are investigating sports injury packs and carrying out a practical to look at the temperature changes that take place when sports injury packs are used.
Year 7 reading intervention in the Hathaway Reading Centre.
Year 9 business studies students working on sales revenue, profit and loss.
Year 7 Maths students were learning about fractions. Add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions, whether improper fractions or mixed numbers. We were finding fractions of an amount and solving problems involving successive fractions of an amount.
Year 7 Geography, Students showing their progress and completing their SiTs marking on the topic of continents.
11 November 2020 Today at The Hathaway Academy, we commemorated all soldiers who have died in battle, with our cadets; Seth Green, Ben Green and Junior Wilkinson performing a short ceremony. The cadets marched to the Armed Forces flag which we had flying while The Last Post was played. We laid a red poppy wreath as well as a black poppy wreath to remember all soldiers. These young men are an absolute credit to the Academy!
Our canteen staff getting into the Halloween spirit during todays service.
Science Year 9D were completing test corrections. They had finished the end of topic test on Energy in the previous lesson. Today they were adding the corrections to the questions they got wrong, allowing any misconceptions to be cleared up.
PE In PE this half-term students in year 7 have been working on developing their social skills through communication, co-operation, team work and self-esteem. Building on the foundations they had previously developed in KS2, they have had further opportunity to do this through a variety of fitness and invasion games.
Drama Year 7 are completing analysis and evaluation assessments, to do this they have been on a virtual trip to see the musical Hamilton.
Photography Year 10 students took part in the annual competition ran by Thurrock Rotary Club. This year the theme was 'Through My Eyes', where students had to take a photo that focuses on the theme. Every student that took part received a certificate of participation. A big congratulations to Caitlin Faye who won in the senior category and to Estera Bita, who was a runner up in the senior category.
Religious Studies 8B had just completed their first half termly assessment on Hinduism and was creating avatars using symbolism and creativity as well as to demonstrate understanding of the power of symbolism in Hinduism. Other students were creating their own snakes and ladders games to support their retrieval knowledge about Hinduism.
English 10C were studying Macbeth in lesson today and adding to the annotations in their extract booklets. Students are using these booklets to both solidify their knowledge as well as preparing their own revision resources.
Science This term year 10's have been studying cell biology, and are currently learning about the different types of cellular transport: the movement of substances into and out of cells. The students have shown particular interest in the topic of stem cells and how they are used in research to treat different conditions including paralysis.
Maths 9B are currently studying Unit 4; Fraction, ratio and percentages. During the lesson students recapped on dividing fractions and applying their knowledge to worded problems. Student’s then delved into ratios; how to simplify a ratio and then how to share quantities based on a ratio.