Our Local Governing Body (LGB)

In order to understand the role and responsibilities of the local governing body within The Hathaway Academy it is important to recognise that the governing body of a school that is part of a multi-academy trust, such as this one is, is very different from that of a single academy school or a community school.  The main difference is that the trust is the accountable body and ultimate decision-making body and not the local governors, or local governance tier as they are known, and it is the trustees who decide how governance works at individual academy level and what responsibilities are delegated to the local tier.  The trust board can, at any time choose to remove those delegated responsibilities or change the committee structure.  So, in a nutshell the local governing body is a committee of, and dependent on, the trust board for any decision-making powers.

So, what is the role of the local governing body at The Hathaway Academy?

The local governing body is an informed local community resource with a unique local perspective and a delegated responsibility to provide challenge and support to the academy and the Trust.  Local governors are the “eyes and ears” of the trustees in the local community.  In line with the trust’s Scheme of Delegation, local governors are responsible for supporting academy improvement and engaging with academy leaders and the community in order to ensure that all students reach their full potential, regardless of background or level of ability.  Some academies are part of a local cluster.  This means that the governing bodies of two or more academies come together to form one local governing body chaired by an executive Chair.

Fully supported by the Trust’s Governance Team and the Chair, local governors of The Hathaway Academy are responsible for:

  1. Knowing, understanding and challenging pupils’ overall progress and attainment. This means being clear about where the attainment gaps are, what provisions are in place to close those gaps and the impact of those provisions.
  2. Monitoring child protection and welfare in the academy including attendance, behaviour, suspensions and permanent exclusions.
  3. Receiving and noting summary management accounts and risk registers provided by the academy.
  4. Hearing any appeals as part of the complaints process and sitting on discipline panels in relation to suspensions and permanent exclusions.
  5. Evaluating their own effectiveness through the local governing body action plan, skills audit and clerk-led self-evaluation.

School visits help governors to understand more about their academy and the reality of school life.  We encourage governors to take on specific roles, dependent upon their interests and visit their academy.

Being a governor is a very rewarding experience.  You will be part of a team who is working to improve the life chances of children, some of whom come from very challenging backgrounds.  You will learn new skills whilst giving something back to the community you live and work in.  Our local Governors are committed to Transforming Lives, they give their time and energy to oversee the academy and take on a lot of responsibility.  Governance is enhanced by a team from a diverse range of professional, social and cultural backgrounds, if you are interested in becoming a local community governor please get in touch with Jo Bickley our Governance Clerk.

JB Pic Aug 23b

Jo Bickley, Governance Clerk

Any communication for the Governors can be made via the following:

Email: governance@attrust.org.uk

Telephone: Leave a message via 01375 371361

Address: FAO Clerk to the Governors, Hathaway Academy, Hathaway Road, Grays, Essex.  RM17 5LL

Meet the Governors

Pat Beanland

Pat Beanland, Trustee, Interim Chair of Governors

Term of Office: 10/5/2024 – 31/08/2024 appointed by the Trustees

Safeguarding Link Governor

Pat is a retired head teacher with nearly 40 years’ experience in education.  Pat has also worked as an educational consultant with a particular focus on providing support to new head teachers.

Pat is our Chair of Trustees and also Chair of our Standards and Outcomes Committee.  Pat was attracted to ATT through her passion for school improvement and our Trust’s transformational ethos.


Catherine Willis, Local Community Governor

Term of Office: 12/10/2021 – 11/10/2025 appointed by the LGB

Careers Link Governor

My professional background is within research and training and development, and I have held positions in Executive Support and Administration. 

I bring a global perspective through living and working in different countries throughout my academic and professional career. I am passionate about young people being given the life skills to thrive in a challenging and ever-changing world and believe that this is through receiving the best education there is. 

In a post Covid 19 world, it is even more important, in my view, to be able to scrutinize the highest standards of education provision, to ensure that every young person receives the opportunity to become well rounded and successful in their lives.  

Jamie Jardine

Jamie Jardine, Local Parent Governor

Term of Office: 11/01/2023 – 10/01/2027 appointed by academy parents

Parent Voice and Quality of Education Link Governor

I first joined my daughters school’s PTA( Tilbury Pioneer Academy) and found I really enjoyed working with the local community. When a vacancy for parent governor came up I applied and was successful in my application.  Tilbury local governor board was approached to see if we could help form a board at another local school (Lansdowne Primary Academy) within the MAT and we took on that board as well. I have been vice chair there for over 4 years on both boards as well as sitting on adhoc panels throughout their trust.

My eldest is currently at The Hathaway Academy and I am pleased to be a parent governor here and support her school. I enjoy being part of this Local Governing Body, representing parent voice and supporting the wider community.

Miss Kimboshane Barnes

Kimboshane Barnes, Local Community Governor

Term of Office: 03/11/2023 – 02/11/2027 appointed by the LGB

SEND Link Governor

My professional background is in Childcare and Education I have extensive experience working with children and young people in various capacities, including Assistant Head of Year, EFL Teacher, Camp Counsellor in the USA, Nursery Nurse and now as an Impact Officer in the charity sector.

I have been a resident and worker in Thurrock and I possess valuable insight that can drive impactful change in Education. Witnessing the development and growth in Thurrock throughout the years I am confident that my contributions at the Hathaway Academy will be instrumental in furthering the Academy’s future progression. As a young professional, I offer new and fresh perspective that resonates with the diverse community that we serve.

My aim is to afford children and young people with the resources, awareness and opportunities to go forward and be social global citizens. I believe that children need to be equipped in as many areas as possible so that they can be successful in life. I am passionate about wellbeing and empowering children to act on their own values and interests.

Lisa Mc

Lisa McGregor, Vice Chair, Local Parent Governor

Term of Office: 14/11/2019 – 13/11/2027 appointed by academy parents

Parent Voice and Behaviour and Attitudes Link Governor

I am a married mother of two children aged 14 and 11. My daughter attends Grays Convent School for girls, and my son has recently started his high school journey with Hathaway Academy. I am and have always been dedicated to my children’s welfare and education, assisting appropriately and responsibly with homework and events such as open days and school trips. I have also acted as Secretary on the Parents Association at my son’s primary school where I organised a lot of events and reached out to local businesses for donations. This also meant I interacted with the staff at the school a great deal especially the senior staff members. The enthusiasm I have for assisting where possible is genuine, as I believe this represents a good role model to my children and indeed their friends.

I currently work for KPMG (London) as an Assistant Manager where I have spent the last 18 years. My role is to ensure the regulatory processes, finance management and controls are adhered to, but challenging where there may be a breach to the policy. My work consists of a large network of colleagues to which I am in consistent dialogue. This role allows me to work two days per week from home, this flexibility provides benefit to my work life balance. My employer actively encourages staff to take an interest in volunteering for such roles and allocate us a number of hours per year for this and so I will have no trouble in acting in the governor role alongside work/personal commitments.

I believe in my own abilities to be a good Parent School Governor, I am committed to any training required to excel in this role whilst working with others in challenging when and where necessary the school on certain subjects / projects.   I am passionate about the School in delivering the best results and outcome in every instance, whilst enthusiastically collecting views from others that would progress the School further.   Giving children the best education and learning environment possible would be at the heart of every decision made and put forward, which said, I am convinced my tenure in this role would elevate the School and its pupils greatly.

Stephen Sweeting 150x150 1

Stephen Sweeting, Local Community Governor

Term of Office: 07/01/2017 – 06/01/2025 appointed by ATT Trustees

Stephen is currently on a Sabbatical Leave

Vicki Hop

Victoria Hopkins, Staff Governor

Term of Office: 29/11/2017 – 28/11/2025 appointed by academy staff

Staff Voice Link Governor

I have been  the Co-ordinator of Humanities and Modern Foreign Languages at The Hathaway Academy since January 2016 and am the current staff representative on the governing body. I also teach Science and run the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme for the Academy.  In my spare time I enjoy training for triathlons and spending as much time in the outdoors as possible! In the holidays I also like to travel and explore the culture in cities all over the world.