Religious Studies

“My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.”

Dalai Lama

Religious Studies Curriculum Introduction

The Religious Studies curriculum aims to inspire students to become theologians and philosophers who can make critical and balanced judgements about questions of meaning and purpose through developing religious literacy in terms of vocabulary and conceptual understanding. Through a knowledge rich curriculum, pupils acquire an in depth understanding of the core vocabulary and theological beliefs of the 6 main world religions and how these beliefs influence religious believers in their daily practice. Comparisons of these six faiths allows for frequent retrieval and for knowledge to be embedded before students explore how these faiths, along with secular views, respond to philosophical issues and how they make ethical decisions. Alongside the religious content students explore modern British and International society and its development overtime. Students will investigate key historical, political events which have had a lasting impact on society. This rounded Key Stage 3 experience provides students with the theological, philosophical and ethical knowledge to apply their learning to contemporary issues within modern society in their GCSE study. Throughout the Religious Studies curriculum students will reminded of not only their rights, but their responsibilities to be an effective citizen in the modern world.



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