Every student at the academy experiences a range of careers opportunities and information. Students at the academy have had the opportunity to experience some fantastic, invaluable activities;

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Careers In-house events – Workshops, speakers, etc.

 In Autumn term 1, Year 11 students will have specific year group career assemblies to raise aspiration post which included the following:

  • USP Palmer’s College assembly (Your life, Your career) on opportunities, and wide range of courses available to our students within the college.
  • Make Happen assemblies on Higher & Degree Apprenticeship and Year 11 Post 16 Options.
  • ASK Apprenticeships – MS Team webinar presentation to year 11 students on An Introduction to Apprenticeships.

Year 7 Talk About Transition – Talk About Transition will engage students using oracy based activities and strategies to develop greater self-confidence and resilience support a successful transition from primary to secondary school.

This workshop will support the Gatsby Benchmarks by helping students to address the needs of each pupil and linking curriculum learning to careers. This workshop can also form part of our stable careers programme. Four Year 7 groups/workshops on Thursday 21st September 2023

USP Palmer’s College Year 11 Assembly – An assembly session on application and pathways at USP on Friday 29th September 2023, and wide range of courses available to students within the college.  Your life, Your career assembly – The aim is to raise aspiration on opportunities within Palmer’s College.

Year 11 Taster Day – South Essex College Group Thurrock College.

Taster days are an invaluable experience for your learners to come into a college environment and experience subject specific activities.

This experience helps students prepare for the transition from school to Further Education as well as progression onto High Education. This event is designed for Year 11 students only to give them a chance to experience some of the courses we have available to enable them to make the right choice for their post 16 journey.

To provide students with an insight into college life; this will involve taster lessons with an introduction to study at a more advanced level.

In Autumn 2, Year 9 – 11 students will complete Make Happen survey during their Character and Resilience sessions. This survey is part of a project called Uni Connect that aims to get more young people into higher education. The survey will help the Academy understand what students across Essex think of higher education, university and college. Also, explore attitudes towards Higher Education and employment.

GB7– Meaningful encounters with further or higher educational colleges and The Bakers Clause

In Autumn 2, Science department are involved in DP World STEM Enthuse Project.  Hathaway is one of 6 schools looking to promote STEM careers with students. DP World sponsors the partnership to the tune of £20K. Benefits include bespoke support on STEM projects for students, paid for CPD and other opportunities for our science department and students.

In Spring 1, Year 10 Thurrock’s Next Top Boss (TNTB) Challenge:

A selected group of Year 10 students will take part in Thurrock’s Next Top Boss. This will give young people the opportunity to work with employers, completing real life business challenges.

One group will be selected towards the TNTB Strategic Board final against other schools in the borough.  The judging criteria used by the Strategic Board will be

  • Business Challenge Presentation,
  • Branding,
  • Has the business challenge been met,
  • Followed submission process

In partnership with Thurrock’s International Celebration of Culture, a group of Year 10 students work on TNTB Business Challenge 2023 improving the c2c trains.

The brief was on the c2c:

  • It has an important role to play in our local communities but we want to increase our community support – how can we do this?
  • How could we use our stations to better-support local groups?
  • How can our stations better represent the people that live and work in Thurrock?
  • How can we decrease anti-social behaviour and encourage community interaction at our stations?
  • How can we provide a voice for the community?

The team choose one station or choose multiple stations to focus on, the only requirement is that the station/s must be located in Thurrock.  The overall budget: Up to £50,000. Thurrock’s Next Top Boss gives young people the opportunity to work with employers, completing real life business challenges.

 Year 10 Barclays Life Skills workshops:  Our Year 10 students will be taking part in the Talent Foundry Barclays Life Skills workshops.  On Financial education covering the basics of personal finance – budgeting, saving, investing – along with a host of other financial information.

National Apprenticeship Week 2024.

We participated in the National Apprenticeship Week 2024 will run from Monday 5th – Sunday 11th of February,

The annual weeklong celebration of apprenticeships shined a light on the amazing work being done by employers and apprentices across the country.

NAW celebrates the amazing range of apprenticeships open to our young people.

Below are short subject films on Apprenticeships our teachers shown during their lessons.


Our students watched and discovered a series of short and engaging films covering 12 subjects and the many apprenticeship roles they link with.



  • Maths
  • English
  • Science
  • History
  • Geography
  • ICT and Computing
  • Language
  • Business
  • Art and Design
  • Drama and Music
  • Food
  • PE and Sports

Each film introduces a range of apprentice roles linked to the subject and outlines some of the tasks you could expect to be doing in each apprenticeship.


During one of our Character and resilience session in tutorial period students took part in The Apprenticeship Quiz 2022.

How much do you know about apprenticeships?  A fun quiz on Apprenticeships – Learning about different roles available, when to apply, when companies advertise and what they might be looking for.


Can you get 10/10!!!

National Careers Week 2024 (4th – 9th March 2024)

We participated in the National Careers Week in the week commencing 4th March – Empowering Positive Change through Careers Education.

National Careers Week (NCW) is a celebration of careers guidance and free resources in education across the UK.

The aim is to provide a focus for careers guidance activity at an important stage in the academic calendar to help support young people leaving education.

To further raise the aspirations of our students, resources have been put together to show students the range of opportunities available to them post Hathaway Academy.

During our tutorial period, tutors used power points from Career Ready during the week of the 4th March 2024


  • Year 7 – The World of Work
  • Year 8 – Skills for the Future
  • Year 9 – Your Choices
  • Year 10 – Exploring Careers
  • Year 11 – Vocational and Academic Pathways

National Careers Week 2024:  Virtual Careers Fair

The Virtual Careers Fair went live on day 1 of Careers Week.

The website below was shared with students, parents and carers




  • No registration required
  • No data is collected from students.
  • Tons of opportunities for students to explore ncw2022.co.uk

Tens of thousands of students across the country took part in Careers Week last year, having an opportunity to access the Virtual Careers Fair and take part in other careers activities.

In Summer 1, Year 8 Barclays Life Skills workshops:

On the 20th May 2024, our Year 8 students will take part in the Talent Foundry Barclays Life Skills workshop.

This workshop will be focus around using Barclays Life Skills resources created with Barclays, and led by an experienced Talent Foundry facilitator.

The Talent Foundry are Barclays’ charity partner, and are delivered workshops to all Year 8 students using their Life Skills resources created with Barclays. The Barclays Life Skills programme runs as a four-part programme, covering a wide range of topics tailored to our preferences, all led by experienced Talent Foundry facilitators. The topics delivered was understanding behaviours for work the importance of communication, body language and assertiveness. Exploring personal strengths for employment lesson – Help students understand that sensible career choices lie where their strengths, interests and personality meet.

Kudos programme:

Year 7 and 8 students completed the software Kudos during C & R sessions in the computer rooms for three weeks. This software is packed with tools and information to help students explore different career pathways. Hence, help students make better choices about future careers options for post 16.

In Summer 2 Year 10 – Business Week for all Year 10 students, which will enable them to gain an insight into work and adult life.  Each student will take part in workshops, receive advice on how to complete a CV and a job application, take part in a 1:1 mock interview with local colleges and business leaders and receive feedback on how well they did.


  • Anglia Ruskin University, Chelmsford campus visit.


  • Employers and next step sessions delivered on a carousel:
  • Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)
  • South Essex College
  • Barclays LifeSkills (Talent Foundry)
  • Balfour Beatty
  • Make Happen
  • Marlborough Highways
  • HSBC
  • THA/National Challenge by The Inspirational Learning Group – Sports Hall P1-5