Every student at the academy experiences a range of careers opportunities and information. Students at the academy have had the opportunity to experience some fantastic, invaluable activities;

Virtual Careers Week

Students explored a range of work experience opportunities, along with tens of thousands of students across the country, having an opportunity to access the Virtual Careers Fair and take part in other careers activities. Visit HERE https://ncw2022.co.uk to explore what our students were subjected to.

Thurrock’s Next Top Boss

In partnership with Thurrock’s International Celebration of Culture, Year 10 students were tasked with putting together a business proposal to make effective use of Thameside Complex in Grays.

Out of the three groups put forward, Team Delta were selected to represent Hathaway Academy. Students involved were;

Team Leader – Muhammad Haque

Team Members:

Akinyemi Ogunkoya

Amaan Ahmed

Sean Ajayi- Daniels

Zack Edward Burke

Franklin Addae

Although Team Delta did not have success at the final presentation for Thurrock’s Next Top Boss, we did achieve the Best Student Award. Jakub Turniak was the worthy winner. A fantastic achievement by Jakub, and a phenomenal role model.

Talk About the Future Workshop

In April 2022 a select group of Year 11 students had the opportunity to be involved in a comprehensive workshop run in association with the Jack Petchey Foundation. Our students experienced a full day of developing communication skills, improving their ability to connect with others, developing employability skills, and getting them set for life after Hathaway.

“The workshop helped me have a better understanding of what it will be like to be interviewed during the practise the mock interview sessions.  It also helped me be aware of my personal skills for future jobs and careers.” – Ben

“The interview practise session was very helpful” – Chis

“A lot of good content delivered and very engaging workshop. Well-presented with a lot of useful information taught in terms of interviews and presenting yourself in the future.” Emma

National Careers Challenge

In March 2022 our Year 9 students participated in the Inspirational Learning Group – National Careers Challenge. The National Careers Challenge is the UK’s largest enterprise competition and has inspired over 300,000 young people across UK. It was supported by Natwest’s Dream Bigger Programme. In teams’ students were challenged to create their own social enterprise to address a common issue affecting their daily life, their school, their family or their local community.

“I enjoyed the activities on the day, working with different groups of students and creating our own social enterprise idea. The day helped my group be creative and inspired to do something essential within the academy.” – Andreas


  • 76% feel more confident about communicating their ideas in a positive way
  • 79% found the challenge helped them to develop teamwork skills.
  • 71% found the challenge helped them develop time management skills
  • 79% are now more aware of the skills that employers look for in the workplace
  • 68% feel more motivated to study and make good progress at school
  • 74% are inspired to think about their future and progression routes after school.
  • 88% of students answered positively when asked “Do you know what skills employers need?”
  • 92% of students answered positively when asked “”Have you thought about how jobs and careers may change in the future?”
  • 88% of students said that they know what subjects they want to study for their GCSE’s.

Barclays Life Skills Workshops

In March 2022 our Year 8 students started a series of workshops led by Talent Foundry, Barclays Charity Partner. Each workshop further develop students skill and character set looking into acceptable behaviours in the workplace; the importance of communication, body language and assertiveness; exploring personal strengths for employment; and helping students understand that sensible career choices lie where their strengths, interests and personality meet.

“I enjoyed learning how aspirations, personality qualities and interests can lead to making rewarding career choices in the future.” – Nathaniel

“The workshop explained how different job roles require a range of skills, interests, and personality.” – Zohair

“I have learnt how to behaviour in a work environment, the role of body language and how this can help in communicating in interview scenarios, and how to deal with challenging situations in an appropriately assertive manner.” – Darell