“Imagination is more important than knowledge”

Albert Einstein

S – Success

C – Curiosity

I – Inquisitive

E – Explore

N – Nurture

C – Create

E – Engage  

Science Curriculum Introduction

Our objective in science is to enrich every learner throughout their journey with core scientific knowledge and investigative skills which are required to develop and nurture independent and critical thinkers of science.

The heart of our curriculum is encompassed with observation, discovery, experiment and analysis. This is designed to provide the foundation to aspire our learners to become inquisitive explorers with analytical minds.

Our vision for the ‘best lesson, best experience, best success’ is rooted in a desire to promote life long learning and progression into the world of science and technology



Useful Websites

BBC Bitesize KS3

BBC Bitesize KS4

Free Science lessons on Youtube

Oak National KS3

Oak National KS4 Biology

Oak National KS4 Chemistry

Oak National KS4 Physics

GCSE Science



Science staff

Mrs Gunduz

Mrs Hopkins

Miss McAllister

Miss Bolanle Oniyitan